The Revamp Of The Flock

We found ourselves regarding our flock being more into the medium size birds.. We rehomed the smaller birds to families where both birds and their new homes not only were a good fit, they took to each other very easily.

We have Sully, the Bluehead Pionus who we have had now for a year and  Taz our Goffin. Sully was to be my therapy bird, but he took to my husband. Sully goes to work with my husband every day. They make quite a pair. Taz is definitely my therapy bird. He is funny, cuddly and never fails to make me smile.

I would not be able to keep these birds if I didn’t have two other adults living here as well who enjoy them.   And I do not advocate for the rehoming of birds unless you really do need to. They tend to bond with their humans and it can be difficult for them to find that bonding elsewhere. They aren’t automobiles where one trades in for another.

I need what Taz gives me and the sharing of attention and love towards him. He is the grandchild I would not likely have otherwise. When I can barely move he sits on my shoulder and cuddles. Until my husband gets off work, Taz’s gentle quiet understanding is all I have to hang on to most days.

I have a rare disease that most people have never heard of and I hate to  explain. I can sometimes drive, but rarely. Dogs are too heavy even the smallest of such. So we found that the  birds we have adopted into our home have been the best for our family,

I’ll edit this later with some photos.


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