Feathered Wings Give What I Seek


Taz Cindy Christmas from phone
Taz and I in our own world

My gentle bird, a Goffin be

With a trust unspoken gentle-ee

He leans for comfort and some sleep.

HeĀ  finds my pain they can not treat.

And dulls it with his gentle beak.

The rhythm of our shared breaths

Brings me peace away from death.

Doctors can’t always find their way

with pills or more bills I pay.

Inside my head I go so deep

on feathers and a caring beak.

It’s then I live above the pain

The pain is dulled and I refrain

from panic and a worried mind

I suffer less and it reminds

me of days when life had ease

no pains knife or “the beast”

The pain is there but seems less

I find joy and why I’m blessed.

As I care for Taz pain refused.

No longer death but life renewed.

And twinkle twinkle little babe

you make me laugh every day.

A clown you are the smile I have,

My life seems better, not as sad.

Taz cup photo pose





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